Thank You NewChapter!

The Kindle Farm School is so excited by NewChapter's donation of $5,000 to our programming! This money will go to support richness and diversity of our Vocational Program. This is their 3rd annual donation and it really makes a HUGE difference to our students.

NewChapter takes an active interest in supporting both local non-profits and larger organizations with global impact. See their amazing list of philanthropic efforts here.

This year the money is going to be used to fund a large project that builds our capacity to manage our forest and farmland. We will be buying a farm vehicle that will allow us to pull wood from our forest, transport new maple lines around our 99 acres and increase the ability to provide emergency evacuation.

Further, this money will allow students to develop skills in the trades that are alive and well in the surrounding area. Forest Management, Agriculture, and Carpentry allow our students to learn new skills while working with a team and using a "hands-on" approach. See more about our Vocational Program here.

Kindle Farm expresses heartfelt thanks to New Chapter for supporting our boys, our community, and our world.