Summer Camp 2015!!

Written By: 
Lance Cutler

At the Kindle Farm Summer Camp we often refer to our program as the beginning of the next school year. It gives staff and students alike the opportunity to recharge, play, and enjoy time outside with great company. This camp serves our mission to communicate, problem solve and learn more effectively. It is also a tremendous experience that builds fantastic new relationships, strengthens old ones, and sets the tone and spirit for the school year ahead. If this summer was any indicator, then this year may be one for the record books.
Along with the daily rituals of swimming, biking, and running around playing “Gaga” or “Sprout,” there were also weekly events that celebrated many themes. Super Hero day has become a tradition of summer program, allowing all who choose to celebrate the many different “super” versions of themselves. Other themes like Water day and Color day were celebrated as an entire community with games, challenges, and always featured a BBQ and salads harvested from the farm by students and staff together. This summer also introduced great opportunities for creativity like Salvage Art, where students created sculptures, structures, and costumes using parts of old electronics and various appliances.
Some of the most important aspects of Kindle’s summer program are the chance for young men to meet people, try new things, and create healthy relationships. Part of establishing healthy relationships is learning to support one another. No one person over the last few years has supported our community more, or has been a better role model for students as well as staff then Becca Hamil. Becca led the Onyon farm with a compassion and strength that brought out the best in all of us. As a community we are so grateful that we had the chance to share her gifts, and wish her the best of luck in reaching for her next goals in life.
Overall this summer was a huge success due to the amazing efforts of all our staff and students. We were able to laugh together, think together, and share incredible experiences as part of a close knit community. It is those connections that many of us will cherish for years to come.