Internet Resources

Internet Resources (also on FirstClass!)

I. Academic Sites(Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies…)

Fantastic ideas for daily lessons. Lessons from teachers around the world!

Check out:

Article Archive : oldies but goodies


... Every-Day Edits : Great for daily language arts work!


... Five-Minute Fillers : Ideas to fill those “unstructured moments”.


... Holiday Lessons


 ... Learning Games : Learning……games???? Yes!


... News for Kids : Up to date current events to jumpstart learning/ discussions.


 ... Show-Biz Science : Science = Fun = Check this out!


 ...Work Sheet Library : Printable student worksheets.


 ... Writing Bug : know anybody who doesn’t like writing? Try these!
And much much more…


Find lessons for any subject/ topic. Teachers share their best ideas with you! Current Events in the form of cartoons. Great for visual thinkers.


This site teaches the language and basics of math concepts from early addition skills to calculus. Includes online practice and assessment of skills.


Graphic Organizers that can assist with writing assignments. Graphic organizers help to structure thoughts and make writing a more fluent and successful process.


Free S.A.T. Practice Test. Please consult academic coordinator/ special educators before using this program.


A great website for lesson plan “starting off points”. Aimed at Elementary level but can be modified for older students.


Journey North provides interactive lessons about animal migration and promotes environmental awareness. It updates throughout the seasons. Check it out!


Lesson plans, printable worksheets, thematic units, and seasonal ideas for teachers.


More lesson plans, including plans for drama, dance, health, as well as academic concepts. Printable worksheets available.

Lessons that were developed specifically to teach kids in a fun and engaging way about wilderness and the animals and plants that depend on wilderness habitat for their survival. Lesson Plans/ Power Tools (lesson and activity “fillers” that are educational and fun) Great science lesson plans and activity ideas, as well as strategies for post lesson assessment.

K-5/ 6-8/ 9-12 (all levels!)

American Memory Collection: This is a digital record of American History. It contains video, sound files, music, etc., that document the American experience. It continues to grow as we continue to change as a country, so can also be used for some current events.

American Rhetoric: This is a collection of historical speeches (audio).

ARKive: Awesome science site thatfeatures video and pictures from "the most famous names in natural history broadcasting", along with info on animals. 

PBS Frontline: Frontline has made all of their episodes available online. Lots of good hour-long documentaries, althoughmany are broken up into smaller time chunks. The site also features a "teacher center", which has lesson plans accompanying the documents.

Healthination:Videos about various body functions, diseases, etc. They are on a pretty understandable level, aren't that long, and have nice graphics.

History Channel Videos: The entire HC site is informative and would be great as a class supplement, along with this video section. It features long and short clips on various historical events.

Living Room Candidate: Covers presidential elections since 1952, focusing on the campaigns and commercials of each candidate.

Macaulay Library: Another very cool science site, this one focuses on recording sounds. You can look up the sounds of most types of birds, and other animals (non-bird) as well. 

Moving Images Collection: Video archives of lots of subjects, especially helpful to science teachers. Many are fairly old.

Librivox: Librivox is a free collection of audiobooks. They have a lot of texts, especially classics. This is a great tool for students who have use of audiobooks as an IEP accommodation. 

Next Vista: Next vista is a collection of videos that are aimed at helping students understand concepts through the use of video. 

II. Social Skill Sites


Social Skill lessons for Middle School Students.

Social Skill lessons for Elementary and Early Middle School level.

Website built to take positive actions against bullying as well as educating both teachers and students about how to recognize and deal with bullying.

Teacher tricks for positive classroom management. Can be used in classroom and 1:1 setting. Fun strategies? (you be the judge).


III. Video Sites


TeacherTube: Appropriate online videos that teachers can use to reinforce concepts and create an international link to other classrooms. (Needs a fast connection to show videos).

Expert Village: Thousands of “how to” videos from experts. Preview before showing a student/ class.


IV. Arts/Music Sites


Lessons on music related topics… (ex. How to write a rap song) Pre-K through High School level!


Hands-on projects for kids (age 7-12). Good for art activities, cooperative activities, and generally just getting your hands dirty.


Elementary and Middle School level art lessons. Great resource for finding hands-on art activities that the class will love.


Drama and Improvisational lesson plans. Good website for those “creative learners” who like to act and role-play


Free guitar Tabs!


Free printable blank Tab/Chord sheets. Great to use when students are composing their own music.


V. Fun/ Games Sites


Word puzzles, brainteasers, you name it! Puzzles updated daily!


The best game ideas, resources and activities for educators. Card games, ball games, learning games, skill games (and more)…


Fun activities/ games for reading (create Madlibs), math, and more…


Tired of folding paper airplanes? This site gives you hundreds of pre-designed foldable objects (cars, buildings, international landmarks…you name it). Great fine motor activity.


More foldable toys. Some easy, some…well, not so easy.

VI. Other…


Student certificates of achievement. Recognize his hard work with a personalized certificate.

Also printable calendars available (new this year).


VII. Technology Resources...

Classroom wikis at PB Wiki: For those who are unfamiliar with wikis, it is a space for any person or group of people to contribute to a page online (Wikipedia is an example). This site is easy to navigate through, and it is free. It provides students with a chance to put their writing (or other media) out there for others to see in a cool, online environment.

Wordpress Blogs: If you have students who are interested in starting a website or blog, this is a great site to use. It's easy to navigate and has plenty of pre-designed templates. This is great for a class website, and you can authorize students to be "editors" and contribute to the page.

Audacity:Audacity is a recording tool. This can be a great help for students who have serious writing and typing issues, since they can use this to create a report or project. You can also layer voice over music or other sound files. This is definitely not an easy way out of a writing assignment, but generates excitement for students who struggle with it.

Google Custom Search Engine:When students do Google Searches, they often get results that aren't relevant or passages that are way above their comprehension level. By creating a Google custom search, you can set up a search engine that will only search the sites you specify. This also ensures that students are viewing school-appropriate web pages.

Polldaddy: Another free tool that lets you create online polls and surveys. Students can create them for class projects, or you can use it for assessment purposes.