The Magical Mystery Tour

Written By: 
Adam Altshuler

Offering tours to parents, sending districts and potential students is a very common occurrence on the Onyon Farm Campus.  Most people don't really know what to expect when we ask them if they want a tour of the Farm.  I think initially people assume that they are going walk around a farm and see all the things that they have seen hundred times while on a farm. 

While pulling into the parking lot the first thing that people see is students out and about, fully engaged and focused on a project with their appointed staff.  Immediately something shifts in the minds of the viewers, it is no longer a tour of the farm.  This experience becomes a three dimensional exhibit of all the miraculous things that take place during a school day.

When stepping out of the vehicles you are surrounded by the numerous projects that students have completed during the 12 years that we have owned this property.  Bridges, sheds, bike tracks, ramps, lumbered wood (from our property) green house, gardens, sacred seeds, yurts, classroom buildings and 95 acres of woods to manage, explore and play in.  Everywhere you look there is history that includes students and staff working side by side to complete the task at hand.   Meanwhile the landscape is speckled with people involved in activity.    

The soil in the garden is so rich and dark from the constant care of our community.  The fruit trees that were planted during an open house school night a few years ago are now bearing fruit.  This idea of passing on tradition and culture is forever on-going at Kindle Farm.  The time and energy invested by our past students has created opportunity for our current and future students to enjoy.

Who wouldn't want to be part of this experience?  It is very common to hear a parent or guardian say that they wish that there was a school like ours when they were growing up. 

As all this beautiful work is taking place the real vibe that hits you the hardest is the power of the relationships  and the connections that are developed while this work is being produced.  This magical energy just hovers over this property.  Without anything being said the campus here at the Onyon Farm speaks for itself.