Introducing our Onyon Farm Campus Supervisor ~ Lance Cutler

My name is Lance Cutler and I have had the privilege of being a member of the Kindle Farm community for over 9 years. Over those years I have held many responsibilities, and have worked with many amazing staff and students. I started here as a classroom assistant in a math and science middle school classroom. I was fortunate enough to work alongside former Vermont teacher of the year Shannon Lamb in our Multi-Age classroom. Those early experiences give me the confidence and understanding to then take the opportunity offered by Kindle Farm to be the Program Coordinator for our central campus. After some significant changes and restructuring in Kindle Farm as a whole I have again been graced with an incredible opportunity to be the Campus Supervisor at the Onyon Campus which houses our Multi-Age, Middle School, and High School programs. In addition to this exciting new role, I have also taken on the role of Activities Coordinator for all of our communities.
Before coming to Kindle Farm I worked in multiple diverse settings such as landscaping, recreation, and construction trades. I was born and raised in Brattleboro, VT and have an intimate knowledge of the local area. I have had a lifelong love affair with team sports and bring that enthusiasm with me to Kindle Farm. Forming strong relationships has always been important to me as a person and Kindle Farm has greatly influenced my understanding of that importance. The sense of community and team work I have experienced while at Kindle Farm continues to push me individually and professionally day in and day out. The opportunity to engage so many gifted students and staff makes coming to work a gift. I strongly believe that this environment has made me a better person, and I whole heartedly accept the task of helping these young men recognize and challenge themselves to become the people they want to be.