Hands-on vocational programming is available to all of our high school students. Students from the Elementary School, Middle School and IN Program are also welcomed to share in learning about horticulture, forestry, bike maintenance, mechanics, carpentry, and culinary arts during the activity portions of their program. Our farms provides the space for vegetable and market garden, a greenhouse, and extensive forested land for creating mountain bike trails and studying aspects of plant and animal life. While learning about garden planning, seeding, transplanting, watering, harvesting, and cover cropping, students are also learning about teamwork, problem solving, dependability, goal setting, and cooperation. Students engage fully as community members as they participate in creating meals and snacks for their fellow students, maintain the building and grounds of their campus, repair bicycles that are used by themselves and their fellow students, maintain campus vehicles, and participate in a variety of vocational experiences that build their breadth of knowledge for post-high school life and help them to maintain and support the community they are a part of. Some students access their science, history, math, and language arts skills through connections to the projects they are working on in this program.