Art and Music

The Kindle Farm Music program, which is held at The Loft on Cotton Mill Hill in Brattleboro, takes a broad approach to music education. Students participate in group drumming and rhythmic training, music theory and music appreciation classes and they use the computer based music creation software Acid Pro 7.

  • Drumming-Using a hands-on approach with both hand drums and stick drums students learn about meter, tempo, rhythmic subdivision and drumming composition in a group setting.
  • Music Theory-Music theory is the study of how music works. It examines the language and notation of music. Students are introduced to the basic elements of music through rhythm, harmony, melody and song structure.
  • Music Appreciation-Students learn about music from around the world. They learn how historical events and cultural traditions influence the composition and instrumentation used in creating a particular music. The goal is to expose students to as wide a range of music as possible and allow these influences to become a part of their own creative music making process.
  • Music Creation Software-Using Acid Pro 7, students take the knowledge they have gained from drumming, music theory and music appreciation and use this to inform the creation of their own music compositions.

Creative Assignments

All the students in the Kindle Farm music program have worked on a number of creative assignments. These assignments represent a variety of approaches:

Students have recorded and sampled sounds from traditional African instruments and used those samples in their original works.

Students have read stories and then reacted to those stories by creating "soundtracks" or music that they feel represents the story.

Students have learned about instruments from cultures all over the world and then created pieces using loops from those instruments.

Students have learned about ancient funeral rituals and then created original works illustrating their imagined soundtracks to these rituals.

Students have written, performed and recorded their own original music on guitar, piano and drums.