Individualized Needs Program (I.N. Program)

The I.N. Program is utilized when deemed necessary by a student’s educational team. A paraprofessional, acting as tutor, coach, and advocate, is assigned to work in a 1:1 fashion on the student's academic and behavioral goals throughout the school day. By creating structure with clear expectations and limits, showing acceptance of and support for the student’s interests, and modeling and teaching appropriate social interactions, the mentor builds a foundation that opens up a student to academic and social possibilities not previously accessible.

As the student’s interests drive the materials for instruction, the staff works closely with the Special Educator to make sure that all I.E.P. goals and academic aims are met through an interdisciplinary and integrated, individualized curriculum. In this way, the student’s own sense of wonder becomes the motivating force keeping their interest in learning alive.

A social skills component comprised of directed exercises, group discussions, and role-playing games is used extensively in the afternoon portion of the program. As students gain the ability to work productively within the supportive Individualized Needs group, they are integrated into learning experiences within the larger Kindle Farm community.