High School

The High School program includes specific courses students need in order to keep current with their graduation credit requirements. Each subject is taught by a teacher, who, with the guidance of a special educator, modifies the curriculum as needed to enable students to successfully complete the required academics. The lead teacher provides and coordinates group instruction, and classroom assistants and the program directors provide additional instruction, classroom support, and behavior management. Throughout the day, as needed, students might spend brief periods of time receiveing additional assistance in adjacent rooms and nooks that allow for temporary, seperation from the larger school community and individualized attention.

Each day students arrive at school between 8:00 and 8:15. Upon arrival, students are able to check in with staff to recap issues from the prior day and ask questions on the coming day's activities. At 8:30 the formal aca demic day begins with the morning meeting. This meeting is a time for staff and students to talk about group issues and important logistical information, and to teach group lessons pertaining to student needs. After the meting the students begin working on their academics, this portion of the day runs until 11:30. Each morning, four forty-five minute academic classes are taught. These academic blocks are English, Math, Science, and History.

Time is scheduled weekly for each student to participate in vocational experiences. When needed, students are provided an afternoon study block on another day in the week to provide practice in content-area skills or make-up assignments they have missed.

After lunch each day, students work in small groups on experiential educational activities that are designed to engage them in hands-on learning experiences. These activities are divided into streams including, but not limited to: Health and Life Skills; Arts and Music; Wilderness and Adventure; Media Technology; Physical Education and Therapeutic Recreation; Vocational Trades; and Community Service. Within each skill stream, academic learning is fully integrated into all activities. Each student's afternoon program is designed to meet his individual needs. These activities last from 12:00 to 2:00.

At 2:00 students end their day and go home.