Campuses and Programs


Kindle Farm School operates in two locations in Newfane, Vermont. Our campuses generally serve students, families, and school districts from Windham and Windsor Counties in Vermont and the Cheshire County in New Hampshire.


In each location, Kindle Farm School provides year round day-school programming for youth and adolescent boys, grades 2 through 12. We offer Elementary School, Middle School, High School and Individualized Needs programming.

The program at Kindle Farm strives to fulfill our mission by combining academics, therapeutic recreational activities, and traditional therapy to meet student needs. Our student to staff ratio ranges from 1:1 to 3:1, depending upon the student's individual program and need for support; we apply the ratio to ensure a safe and stimulating environment for each of our students.

To achieve these goals, we offer an environment that:

1. Differs from a regular classroom by:

a. Maintaining a student/teacher ratio of between 1:1 and 3:1.

b. Focusing on students' individual behavioral and academic needs.

c. Giving students direct feedback on their behavior based upon respect and built upon positive relationships with adults and peers.

d. Providing natural consequences that allow students to maintain membership within their school community.

2. Meets the needs of "at risk" students by:

a. Providing individualized and small group instruction.

b. Minimizing classroom distractions and transitions.

c. Providing academic and behavioral programs that focus on students' strengths while accommodating their areas of need.

d. Fostering leadership potential as opposed to focusing on their "at risk" behaviors.

e. Offering consistent encouragement, praise, and concrete reinforcement.

3. Develops leadership skills that students can build while also bolstering their academic, social and emotional needs, with the ultimate goal of helping students see themselves as leaders in their schools, families, and home communities.