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Here's something you haven't seen before! In our fourteen years of service, this is our first annual appeal for contributions. This year we are depending on those whose lives have been touched by Kindle Farm in one way or another to help us implement the programs that make a difference in our students' outcomes.

Your contribution will help us fulfill our mission to provide a physically and emotionally safe school environment. By using a combination of diverse activities, strong supervision and guidance we help our students discover new ways to communicate, solve problems and learn more effectively. The programs we offer make a life changing difference in the students we serve. Through vocational programs (culinary arts, agriculture, building trades, bike mechanics), transitional programs, arts and music, wilderness/adventure activities, technology education and social/emotional programs we improve the future of boys and young men who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks.

Please choose to make a difference in an at-risk boy's life. As a community of creative problem-solvers, innovators and educators, we at Kindle Farm Children's Service, Inc. thank you in advance for your help with this effort. Your gift is more important than ever and is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law as a non-profit 501(c)(3). Your gift goes a long way and is truly appreciated!

In the words of one of our recent graduates:

"My anger problems, communication skills and trust have been a lifelong struggle for me. I was always kicked out of class or suspended from school more than I was there. One of the biggest problems I faced was how to take responsibility for my actions. The hardest thing for me was to look at myself and admit when I was wrong. It took me a few years, a bunch of conflicts, tears and hard work and dedication from Kindle Farm staff members to get through to me and help me be the person that I have become. I just wanted to say thanks for not giving up on me and pushing me to my full potential."

Our Sincerest Thanks,

Kindle Farm School's Leadership Team

Dana Gordon-Macey, Drew Gradinger, Adam Altshuler,
Josh Compton and Todd Roach

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